April 11, 2016

Next Steps

Many prototypesOur next steps for the High-Viz Bike system include:

Green laser

Green lasers are more visible than red lasers, especially in daylight. Our thought is to add a green laser to the High-Viz Bike system, so that the laser line generally shows green, but as a car approaches it turns red. We are still thinking about this partly because we’re concerned that green might encourage cars to get closer (and green lasers are harder to work with).

Weather-proof casing

The casing would be improved from 3D-Printed prototypes to more robust and waterproof housings that can be more readily attached and removed from a bike.



We plan to enclose the wiring in single rubber tubes so that it runs unobtrusively beside the brake and gear wires.


There are circumstances where it would be good to be able to adjust the laser circle and proximity warnings – to 1.5m for highway riding for example. This can be done by adding in a switch to the micro-controller circuitry and a hinged fitting to the laser housing to change the angle it works at.

We are planning to make cycling a safer, more enjoyable activity for all.