The problem that HI-VIZ Bike is addressing is the safety of bike riders in Sydney. This combined with the new laws around bikes led to the creation of the project. The solution was to make bikes easily visible. We created Indicators so that riders wouldn’t have to signal their direction while riding, a laser line to show cars how close they could get to the bike and a screen for warding off cars.
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Laser line

HI-VIZ Bike incorporates a laser to create a circle on the ground. The circle is one metre out from the bike. This helps both riders and drivers stay safe on the roads.

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HI-VIZ Bike incorporates an indicator system, with indicators at the front and back. This adds to the rider’s safety as the cars will know where they are going.

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Distance warning

When cars get too close to your bike, our screen will automatically flash red, using our distance sensor.

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Next Steps

HI-VIZ Bike is far from a finished product, we have many things that we would like to add in further iterations.

Riding in Australia

Cycling in Australia is dangerous - we aim to make it safer

Anyone who cycles regularly in an Australian city will tell you about the aggressive drivers and how dangerous cycling feels. Our mother rides to work in Sydney several times a week and has had too many close calls for comfort. We want to make her, and other cyclists, safe.

The government in several States has recognised the problem and made laws that cars must stay at least 1 meter away from bikes. But that's not always obvious.

The High-Viz Bike has a simple aim to tell cars where cyclists are.

Other systems focus on making adding lots of lights to bikes and that's not a bad thing. Our main aim was to warn cars away from bikes more actively.

The High-Viz Bike has a laser line drawn on the road indicating where the 1 meter zone is. It also warns cars as they approach the bike that they are getting too close.

Finally the High-Viz Bike includes an indicator system. This serves three purposes. First it allows the cyclist to indicate without taking their hands off the handle-bars. Secondly it makes clear to cars what the cyslist intends to do. Finally by having indicators like a car or motor-bike it makes the bicycle more like other vehicles on the road and subtly conveys that the cyclist should be given space.


The people behind the High Viz Bike Project

Callum Predavec

Electronics, Programming
Callum is 14 and has a passion for technology and maths. He is the founder of When That (www.whenthat.com); the 2015 NSW Hills Young Innovator; and was a finalist in the 2015 Australian Innovation Challenge.

Declan Predavec

Design, 3D printing, Business Development
Declan is 12. He has won and placed in the Young ICT Explorers competition several times; was part of a team that won the NSW iAwards in 2015; programmed the award-winning Periodic Survival (www.periodicsurvival.com); and represented Australia at APICTA in Sri Lanka in 2015.